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History Of Buds Burgers

In 1973 Albert "Bud" Hanley opens Bud's Giant Burgers in Vallejo.

For many locals, Bud's is one of the backdrops of their youth.

All did not go smoothly for the eatery over the past four decades. In fact, it was destroyed by fire the day after Christmas, 1996 but reopened the following year. It was that fire that ultimately brought Bud's current owners permanently on board.

Jennifer Gladstone started working for 'Bud' at 17. Bud and his wife, Lynn, had no children of their own, and after the fire, he didn't have enough insurance to get started again, so Jennifer parents lent her some money, and Steven Blankenship put in some and when (Bud Hanley) died, they owned it.

Bud's tradition of grinding their own meat and cutting their own potatoes for fries -- a tradition they continues -- that's helped Bud's compete in a fast-food world.

Buds' Burger always get voted best burger of the year, and that's fantastic.

In short for Bud's Burger Quality is Everything!